Three Falls

Dipika Kohli
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Dipika Kohli writes a short fiction piece, for this issue. It's called 'Generativity versus Stagnation.'

Those familiar with the term will recognize that it is related to stages of life. In this one, people may reflect critically on early life choices, evaluate the quality of their relationships, and reconsider the meaning of their life experiences. (This, apparently, happens quite typically, in one's middle life years.)

So, here's what the big idea is, in the story. The protagonist has a former friend, whose actions are revisited many years after having been lain aside and the person well-forgotten. But something jars to memory this person and her actions on one particular afternoon. The illusion of that person, and what their connexion meant, hits a brake when the protagonist gets it that something was never quite right. Read it if you can relate to the feeling that 'something is just... off'.

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