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Dipika Kohli
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Spring 2019, Izu Japan. A photo essay by Boss is paired this week with a short story, 'Chopstix,' a collaborative work of flash fiction by A. Spaice & Akira Morita

This issue is curated and edited by Dipika Kohli

'Chopstix' is part of DK's S P A C E Autumn 2020 collection, titled for the moment, 'Here & Now.' 

Let me tell you about it.

Here & Now

Who are we when we set ourselves forward in motion, without any plans, agendas, or fear of what might happen next ? What can we discover when we loosen ourselves from the grip of society's mores, or the chiding comments of pretending-to-mean-well-but-actually-jealous members of the communities we used to identify with? Finally, grappling with the internal conflict, too. The age-old life-long search: 'Who am I?' 

'Let's not think too much,' DK said upon completing a weeklong set of social obligations in Tokyo. 'Let's just go somewhere.'

The whole team got on a bullet train, halfway to Izu, switched to a local. Got off and... this.

I want this!

You'll get

S P C | Đà Nẵng, 'The Book of Everyday Things'
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