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S P C | Phnom Penh, 'Saturday'

In this issue, find new graphic vector art made from found images and placed in these pages by s p a c e creative director, Dipika Kohli.

Plus, ‘Halftones & Vectors,’ a short story. It is a continuation of the serial, ‘Uncertainty’. It’s a science fiction series by DK’s A. Spaice

A. Spaice

'Conversation and connexion and learning as we go,' says A.Spaice, the research and development director of Design Kompany and a budding science fiction writer, too.

A. Spaice's six-part series,'Uncertainty', is featured in half of this season's set of zines, in S P A C E | Winter 2019-20, 'Project Epicurus'.


Dipika Kohli

Dipika Kohli is the creative director of Design Kompany. She invites remarkable juxtapositions to *happen* in which people might, surprisingly or not-surprisingly, discover a moment of insight by simply being, and being with others, whose paths they may not have crossed.


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S P C | Phnom Penh, 'Saturday'

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