Designing Brand Identity Short Course

Dipika Kohli


Learn our top 6 go-to resources for you to discover how to build your brand, from scratch. The course takes place over 10-12 weeks, with a prompt sent on Monday at 7AM USEST each week and conversations and feedback from the facilitator Dipika Kohli each month in a personalized mini-repot.

This short course begins each quarter or twice a year, based on the conversations that emerge in S P A C E community-related works. The community decides which programs to prioritize and when to run them. Members choose the starting dates, together, and occasionally we have small circles in which peer-to-peer learning can happen as the conversations become more and more meaningful, relevant, and robust between people going through similar journeys in designing their brands for:

  • Business (Personal) / Solopreneurs
  • Artist Branding
  • Chef-owned Restaurants
  • Applications or
  • Other small-medium sized Projects 

In a short course, DK's Dipika Kohli hosts. She will share our top 6 modules that have worked well for more than 80 small businesses and organizations whom we have worked for in Seattle, Durham NC, and Phnom Penh. DK has created brand identity designs for small and medium-sized businesses since 2006. 

You'll be able to learn, and apply right away, the lessons from our past experiences by working with these exact six tools to figure out your core story, and how you can best tell it to the world.

Application required.

Apply here:

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Designing Brand Identity Short Course

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