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S P A C E | Đà Nẵng, 'Quá Đẹp'

A photo essay, this issue. 

Works are by the cover art photographer Boss

Boss is quite naturally of course DK's Boss. For a decade now, we let Boss run things. Design and run the shows. 'It's really about having a good imagination,' says Boss, expressing the feelings behind our set of conversations that, reflecting, had taken place in quite a different world than the one we have today. That is because unlike February 2019, when Boss and DK's Creative Director Dipika Kohli made Atelier S P A C E *happen* in 4 cities in Vietnam, they could. Easily move about. And talk to new people. And listen, and write and publish. Not now. The cloud is where they meet now, since they are in different countries. Retrieving images from 2019's digital archives, the same team convened virtually to co-create this issue. Working with digital archives of images from the city where the pair spent more than a little time wandering in the daytime and evening hours looking for 'beauty', this set of images tells you what we found, anew, in the recapture. See for yourself what Boss saw though the viewfinder in that moment in early 2019; namely, a new angle on what it is that makes 'art' what we call Art, and vice versa.


Cover artwork and inside photos by Boss, who wields the camera when collaborating with DK on S P C, wherever we go. A gamer by profession, Boss is a great team member when it comes to tossing around ideas about, 'What about?', related to time, and beauty, art, and 'nothing.'


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S P A C E | Đà Nẵng, 'Quá Đẹp'

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