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From the post 'True Poetry' on 21 October, at DK:

'And on a bigger, more esoteric note, there’s the whole work of ‘why make art’ anyway. I mean, isn’t this why? To connect us? All of us, around the world, with our various upbringing and emotions and experiences and realities. What connects us? Art can. If we’re lucky. Bring us together… I feel this way. I feel… art. Not just like art like art school art but Big A “Art” art. Is what. Connects us...' -Dipika Kohli, CEO of Design Kompany 

Since Seattle in 2006, DK has hosted 100+ popup gatherings in N. Europe, Southeast Asia, and N. America. The idea for S P A C E is to bring some of the people together. It is an e-mag, a conversation, and a small, international community.

Most people are designers, former clients, colleagues, writers and friends. Currently we are co-creating in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

More about DK and our journeys is at designkompany.com, and instagram.com/dkompany


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