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S P C | Skåne, 'E. K. Vera'

This issue is about E. K. Vera, and the lead story is, 'Run, Eliza.' It's part of a continuing series, 'Uncertainty,' which is by A. Spaice


Combining an engineering mind with the lighthearted whimsy that S P A C E invites us to investigate, in small circles, this issue is a co-created work put together in the December conversations in S P A C E through a test project called Interactive Papers. A strange new opening began as we explored, together, ideas of narrative, post post modernism, the way we receive new messages and how we arrange our understandings (and question them, as well) about what's what, anyway, when it comes to 'what's good.' This is a probe, a play, and a discovery: we share it as an issue of our combined conversations, and give it DK's signature twist, with a piece, and graphics, and more, that might surprise you.

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A. Spaice

A. Spaice is DK's research and development director. See designkompany.com.

Dipika Kohli

Dipika Kohli is DK's creative director, a graphic artist and author. She improvises stages, she says, for 'wildly imaginative' juxtapositions. See dipikakohli.com.

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S P C | Skåne, 'E. K. Vera'

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