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'N' Hanoi

Dipika Kohli

[Updated 26 June, 2017]

'N' Hanoi is a conversation salon. For exactly 16 people.

Our theme for 'N' Hanoi is NARRATIVE. 'What stories do we tell the world? Which ones do we tell ourselves?' Let's meet in real life, and converse.

This will take place on Tuesday, 27 June at a *secret location* in Ba Đình.

More on email, with our exact meetpoint and programme, for registered guests.

Limit two (2) tickets per party.

/// Note: if it says 'not available in your location' just email me. I have a link for 'cash on the day' to share. Or PayPal. ///

Late registration opens midday on 27 June. Fee is USD $27. Register at http://nhanoi.eventbrite.com

To the journeys!,
A. Spaice

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.

You'll get one of the 16 tickets (pictured) for 'N' Hanoi: NARRATIVE.

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