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Dipika Kohli

Writing is hard. Writing alone is wonderful, sometimes, but at other times, it's nice to have someone to read and offer feedback, in a safe way. This is that place.

I started the Interactive Papers Project when I found out Dropbox has a feature where you can live write simultaneously in 'Papers.' We did this a couple of times at the start of the pandemic with a few trusted colleagues, editors, and even new guests of this project. Interactive Papers went quietly on to co-create and collaborate with some of the most talented people DK has ever worked with. Top editors, cultural treasures, international celebrities... but on the low-key. It was great to dialogue and share, connect and interconnect, through the unusual space that Papers allowed.

In June, I invite a small circle of new guests to co-create Papers, with me, and with others, in this small ambient community. This is an opportunity for you to:

  • Get to know up to 4 people in a writing circle that is closed-invite and hosted by Dipika Kohli
  • Get writing prompts each week, customized for your circle based on the emerging conversations.
  • Show off your finished works in a customized issue of S P A C E that you can share with friends and family.

Kan Tomizawa and Dipika Kohli co-created S P A C E | Kyoto, 'One Moment Cafe' with Akira Morita as a guest

In this way we have created special issues of S P A C E including 'Rapprochement,' 'The Glitch,' 'One Moment Cafe' (picture above, a limited edition of four), and 'Glamour Labor'. Dipika Kohli did this work with guests of Papers and Design Kompany's 'make a zine' project Atelier S P A C E in Phnom Penh and Saigon.

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  • You'll get
  • Writing promptsWeekly, by email
  • Editing helpA monthly report, by email or in a meeting
  • Your own issue of S P A C EA PDF, designed by Design Kompany featuring your writing
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